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Design and Professional Consultation

New Concept Staining works with you from concept to creation, ensuring all possible efficiencies. With over 10 years of experience, our trained artisans can create a custom color palette to make your design vision a reality. We’ll help you avoid costly delays with an accurate estimate for materials, manpower and equipment to keep your project on budget and on schedule.

Mock-Up Services

Before beginning any project, we work closely with our customers offering on and off-site mock-up services. Whether it’s a small portable sample or an on-site sample, we are here to help you get your job started.

Pressure Washing/Pre-Clean

Pressure washing is a critical first step to ensure the concrete surface is free of any dirt, grease, or chemicals. We also offer pre-clean services in which we use a light acid to etch the concrete surface prior to stain being applied.

Single Color Semi-Transparent Staining

Whether you are looking for something simple or have color restrictions, our Semi-Transparent Single Color Finish will give you a cohesive finished product.

Multi-Color Semi-Transparent Staining

Being one of our most popular finishes, our Multi-Color Semi-Transparent finish uses a variety of colors to give your project a highly realistic finish.

Single-Color Solid Staining

With its waterproof and chemical resistant properties, our Single-Color Solid finish is a popular choice for bridge and highway work. It offers excellent coverage and helps to hide any imperfections you may have in your finished concrete surface.

Weather-Proof Sealing

Weather-Proof Sealing provides a barrier to the elements such as rain, snow, ice, and salt and is a standard process when using any Semi-Transparent Stain.

Anti-Graffiti Treatment

Our Anti-Graffiti Treatment protects your project by not allowing spray paint to fully adhere to the finished surface. After our treatment has been applied, any graffiti sprayed onto the surface can be easily pressure washed off. This allows you to preserve your finished project for years to come while avoiding costly repairs.

Hand-Painted Grout

Using Solid Stain, we hand paint grout areas in order to make any concrete stone wall look as realistic as possible. This process not only gives visual depth to your wall, but also accentuates your stone colors.

Concrete Brick Staining

By applying Solid Stain to any concrete brick wall, we are able to give our customers the appearance of actual hand laid brick. This is accomplished using both spraying and hand painting techniques.

Sound Wall Staining

New Concept Staining provides both single and multi-color staining services for all of your sound wall project needs. Use our staining services for your next highway project.

Pipe Staining

Want to make your concrete pipe blend right into your project? We now offer concrete pipe staining using our Solid Color Stain. This product protects against salt, alkalis, water, UV rays, oil, and abrasion.

Artisan Finishes - Distressed

Utilizing several different abrasive materials, we are able to add areas of wear to visually increase the age of any stained concrete surface.

Artisan Finishes - Granite​

Using a variety of Semi-Transparent Stains and our staining expertise, we are able to produce a stunning realistic granite-like surface.

Artisan Finishes - Moss

With our Multi-Color Semi-Transparent finish, we are able to add small areas of different green stain colors to give your project a realistic moss covered stone look.


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