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New Concept Staining

New Concept Staining (NCS) is a woman-owned company that provides color concrete staining services to commercial and residential customers.

The company was formed in response to an overwhelming market demand for concrete staining services, predominantly in the commercial construction industry. NCS’ work commonly includes the artisanal staining of bridges, sound walls, abutments, and buildings. The company’s expertise is not limited to concrete staining, additional services include graffiti removal, pressure washing, and specialized anti-graffiti treatments.

New Concept Staining About

Cheryl Mueller - President

President of New Concept Staining, Cheryl Mueller is a multidisciplinary professional with over 14+ years of experience specializing in quality assurance, team unification, and ensuring overall client satisfaction. To date, Cheryl is a member of the National Women’s Business Enterprise, a member of the Women’s Owned Small business, and is respected for not just exceeding residential/commercial staining objectives, but doing so all while propelling various community initiatives forward along the way.

Native to Pennsylvania with an appreciation for sustainable growth, it became the catalyst for Cheryl to initially begin her career in the construction industry. Over the course of 10 years avidly servicing the construction space, Cheryl became heavily accredited for her keen communication skills, design and integration of innovative frameworks, larger-picture road mapping, and securing high-performing, measurable results. But more notably, Cheryl became highly respected among her peers and customers for her inherent supportive nature, mission excellence mindset, and injecting the art of moral compass leadership through each progressive stage.

Intertwining her history in construction with her passion for positive community reform across the granular and societal levels, Cheryl extended her profession into the architectural/color concrete staining sector 4+ years ago – soon founding the women-owned company New Concept Staining on the foundation of opulence and integrity. From then to now, New Concept Staining has become an endorsed brand with rigorously vetted staining artisans servicing the residents and industry leaders of Pennsylvania, and is home to a team that values quality over quantity just as much as their customers do.

Ryan Scott - Foreman

Foreman of New Concept Staining, Ryan Scott is a highly experienced concrete stainer and leader.  With over eight years of staining and painting experience, Ryan has a keen eye for detail and strives for perfection.  Over the years, Ryan has excelled in his craft by learning all aspects of the concrete staining industry.  Ryan continues to create both realistic and modern concrete stained surfaces for some of the biggest names in the industry.         

Learning to paint and stain commercially while living in Virginia, Ryan quickly learned he had a natural talent for the trade.  After working for a large commercial painting/staining company for three years in Virginia, Ryan returned to his home town in Pennsylvania.  Once home Ryan attended college studying design and art while continuing to work for commercial painting companies.  Along with his painting and staining experience, Ryan has a background in safety management.  Ryan managed the Safety Department at a nearby fulfillment center for the world’s largest online retailer, Amazon.  While working fulltime Ryan launched his self-owned and operated painting business, “Paint Works”.  With his excellent work ethic, Ryan operated his small business by painting/staining small jobs during his time off.  

With his management and painting/staining experience, Ryan was uniquely qualified for an open Foreman position at New Concept Staining.  Soon after accepting the offer of Foreman, Ryan set out to raise the bar in the staining industry by focusing on quality and client satisfaction.  Since starting his new role, Ryan has led his team to complete large complex staining jobs, while maintaining high quality and safety standards.  Ryan continues to look for new ways to innovate in the concrete staining industry by using the newest technologies and products.  By working closely with NCS President Cheryl Mueller, Ryan has become a valued leader in her fast growing staining company. 


We’re proud to be a certified woman run organization

National Women's Business Enterprise

New Concept Staining has successfully met WBENC's standards as a Women's Business Enterprise. (WBE)

Woman Owned Small Business (WOSB)

New Concept Staining is an eligible  WOSB Program and had been certified by the SBA

PennDot Certified Partner

New Concept Staining is PennDot certified partner.

Pennsylvania Contractor

New Concept Staining is certified as a Pennsylvania home improvement contractor